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Find your inner peace and serenity...
We provide sound baths using resonant crystal singing bowls and guided meditations for stress and anxiety reduction as well as a host of other health benefits.
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Upcoming Events

No group sessions scheduled at this time.
See below for details on booking a private or small group session for you or your place of business. 


Thu 10.13.22 @ 7pm
Sound Bath

Studio One


(Re)connection Experience

Book a private session for a unique connection or reconnection experience for you and your partner!

Whether you are looking to heal a rift in the relationship with a partner/friend, or are simply looking to take an existing relationship to a deeper level, let us work with you to craft a custom (re)connection experience.

Working together, we can help identify any barriers that exist to healthy communication and loving closeness and guide you in the process of mindfully choosing the intentions that you would prefer to cultivate in your relationship.

We are inclusive of all forms of relationships without judgment. LGBTQIA+ allied.

Makes for a great gift and unique date experience!

Price: $222

ocean waves

Business Events

Do you work in a stressful or otherwise anxiety-inducing environment?

Do you own or manage a business in a hectic, fast-paced environment with challenging clients?

Let us come to you!

We'll come to your place of business for a custom immersive Sound Bath experience to soothe the tension and stress induced by the daily grind.

In addition, the guided meditation will include simple and effective ways to incorporate mindfulness practices for improved work-life balance, increased productivity and creativity, and better communication among colleagues.

Inquire below for group rates.

About Us

Meet the healers:

Rebecca Zub headshot
Rebecca Zub

Rebecca (Becky) is a licensed mental health counselor, registered art therapist, and more recently- a sound healer. She owns Lucid Bound Studio; a private practice dedicated to art exploration, wellness, and healing. She has worked in a variety of mental health and art-related settings and is ever in the process of integrating these two paths.

Learn more and connect directly with her at:

Piotr Butkiewicz

Piotr is a meditation teacher, tarot reader, and psychedelic doula inspired by a wide range of spiritual disciplines from throughout history and around the world. He focuses on cultivating the practices of mindfulness, presence, self-reflection, and deep awareness to nurture the growth of consciousness and compassion for a heart-centered life.

Learn more and connect directly with him at:

The Benefits of Sound Bath Therapy

Gentle, non-invasive healing for improved overall wellbeing.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety
Lowers Blood Pressure
Increases Peace and Serenity
Becky with bowls

About Sound Healing

We are nothing more than energy in form, and energy can take a myriad of forms (sound, light, heat, matter). The key point here is that all energy flows along the path of least resistance, so we are aiming to create (or facilitate in the creation of) this path of least resistance.

Think of the calming effect that certain music or frequencies have on us, and likewise think of how the same expression of energy (sound) can then become very jarring and disbalancing. This is just energy in motion and in this motion you can think of the sound (in this case) as creating a wake (much like a boat) and those ripples from the wake then travel through the body, mind, and spirit.

How those ripples resonate through the various bodies help determine if they are healing or not. Each specific wavelength of sound will travel through the body via the nervous system, and thus, each specific wavelength will be able to provide a specific energetic massage, as it were, to the bodies (physical, mental, spiritual). So as these sound waves travel through the body they create a resonance.

--copyright Bruce Taylor 2017-present,


"The sound bath was such an incredible, relaxing, and rejuvenating experience. Piotr guiding us through his calm voice and Becky inviting the singing bowls made me feel really at peace. I felt very grounded after the session."


"Becky and Pete's Sound bath Meditation was truly transcendent. They guided me into a peaceful experience that deeply rejuvenated me. I felt in the best way possible like my innards were being carved out like a pumpkin. It was amazing!" 


"I'm grateful I was able to attend! Learning how to do things alone, for me, and was not disappointed...
I felt welcomed upon entering the space, and enjoyed the beautiful sounds and guided meditation. It was nice to actually be present!"


I felt extremely relaxed during the sound bath, like I was floating on air.


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