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The realization that comes from true meditation is that the point of it all is always arrived at in the immediate present moment. It is impossible to communicate in words, because language is linear whereas reality is multidimensional.

Suffering is a form of disconnection from reality. Our sound bath and guided meditation services aim to guide participants back to themselves, to help them realign with their own essence and nature, at which point suffering dissipates and there is clarity of mind and peace of spirit.

One can expect to experience a variety of tones from the crystal sound bowls, ranging in pitch like musical notes. These tones resonate throughout the body and aid in relaxing and releasing tension that is often captured by the physical body in response to stressful life events.

As for the spoken guided meditation, Shaman Piotr uses a variety of concepts and visualizations aimed at breaking through the various illusions of separateness manifested by egoic thought patterns. Repeat clients may notice a repetition of some themes from session to session, like echoes, but the words are channeled through a Zen tradition of spontaneous and organic manifestation and are never the same for each sound bath experience.

Each experience is unique in performance and each participants' experience is ultimately unique in essence. Our guidance for each participant is to remain open to the experience in order to allow the body, mind, and spirit to release any energetic blockages and to find harmony. Notice any sensations in the physical body, emotional body, spiritual body without resistance and invite these sensations to convey any lessons they are trying to teach you.

Our facility space is intentionally minimal so please bring any items that you wish to make your experience comfortable. At the very least we recommend a yoga mat for lying on the floor (we have a limited number of loaners available). Other items could include a small pillow or blanket or sentimental items like stuffed animals, etc. 

Please bring a water bottle as well. We recommend drinking a full glass of water within 30 minutes of the sound bath and advise to stay properly hydrated afterwards. Energy release therapies like this have a tendency to dehydrate the physical body as it flushes out various energies, so it is important to be mindful to stay hydrated.

The safety and wellbeing of our participants is our priority.

First off, it's ok to feel uncomfortable. New experiences are frequently uncomfortable at first due to the nature of the unfamiliar sensations.

We encourage participants to not resist relatively minor discomforts as they can be a natural part of the experience. Energy release therapies like this carry the intention of clearing negative and harmful energies, so throughout the experience participants may sit with some physical and emotional sensations that most of us resist on a day to day basis. The sage advice goes: you need to feel it to heal it. 

As a result, you may experience tears and feelings along with some physical aches and pains as the sound bath clears away negative energies.

If the discomfort becomes unbearable then feel free to exit the space and collect yourself. We would welcome to speak with you after the session to discuss your experience to see if we provide accommodations to avoid certain discomforts in the future. 

There is no such thing as "being good or bad" at meditation. This question arises from a misunderstanding of the nature of meditation itself. 

The practice of meditation is simply about cultivating awareness of our own presence in the present moment, opening oneself to the sensations of everything around us including sights, sounds, smells, etc, and letting go of any resistance to what is.

While we are not requiring proof of vaccination or masks, we ask that if you stay home if you are feeling unwell. Participants are encouraged to wear masks as a personal choice without judgement. 

Find us

Our primary space is at Studio One RI Dance Complex in Lincoln, RI

The main door is on the southwest side of the complex up a flight of stairs across from a large parking lot. 

Follow the hallway through a doorway into the lobby and we'll be the first door on your left.

Please reach out to us for questions about accessibility accommodations.